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360° Camera Technology Is The Future Of Real Estate

Don't want to read this article? Watch Ed's tip below!

Have you heard? 360° camera technology is the new video and photo. In this quick tip clip, Real Estate guru, Edward Hutchinson, shows how using a 360° camera will up your real estate game.

Ed recalls living in London and working with clients where he'd send so many details of the properties and immediately get responses back saying "Nope, sorry, not for me!" But the minute they stepped into the property? Presto - SOLD! Why? They could finally get a feel for the space.

Fastforward 2-3 years and Ed thinks 360 Cameras are becoming a "Must Have" tool of Real Estate. He now has the ability to see the lights, the angles, feel the height of the ceilings - something a video or photo could never offer. So what do you think? Are you ready to add this to your real Estate tool belt?

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Lauren Bonheim

Lauren Bonheim

Lead marketer at PropertySimple and Marketing Manager of Future of Real Estate. Delving into the digital marketing world with a focus on social media and personal branding.

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