Blog series: Can you hear that drip? Part three - benefit #2 - flexibility

This is part three of our blog series on drip campaigns, if you haven’t read parts one and two you can read them here. In this post we’re going to talk about another of the benefits of drip campaigns; flexibility.

Have you ever sent out a postcard or email newsletter with an error or had an owner call you and tell you they are reducing the price just after you pressed send in your email? It happens to everyone and it can be embarrassing, annoying and possibly costly.

Drip campaigns can’t stop errors or last minute changes but they do help to contain the potential damage. When you want to make a change you can simply open up the email that you need to change and make the required amendments. Anyone who has not yet received the email will get the updated version.

Sneak peek at part four: Making small changes can create a big change in response rates. For example, just changing a work in the subject line could increase your open rate from 50% to 60% or changing your call to action to be worded differently or even in a different part of the email could increase the response rate from 10% to 20%.

Read part four here!

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