Blog series: Can you hear that drip? Part two - benefit #1 - Automation

This is part two of our blog series on drip campaigns, if you haven’t read part one you can read it here. In this post we’re going to talk about one of the biggest benefits of drip campaigns; automation.

Automation is the first real benefit you will notice with drip campaigns because instead of having to go through all of the steps every week or fortnight when you email prospects you can set it up once and leave it to run by itself.

By using automation you have completely flipped how you can view email marketing. Instead of being a burden which you have to set time aside for each week you have potentially freed up hours of work each week and set up a great marketing campaign. Imagine what you could do with an extra hour or two each week, you can spend that time finding new leads, organizing open houses or catching up on other admin work which always seems to get delayed.

It is important to remember that drip campaigns aren’t entirely self-sufficient. To make the most of the emails you should be monitoring their performance and run some tests to continually optimize and improve the performance of your campaign. We will discussing testing in more detail in a future post in this series.

Sneak peek at part three:
Have you ever sent out a postcard or email newsletter with an error or had an owner call you and tell you they are reducing the price just after you pressed send in your email? It happens to everyone and it can be embarrassing, annoying and possibly costly.

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