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What is a drip campaign and how can I use it for Real Estate?

In this series of blog posts we’re going to talk about drip campaigns. We will cover:

  • What is a drip campaign
  • Benefit #1 - Automation
  • Benefit #2 - Flexibility
  • Benefit #3 - Testing
  • Benefits #4 - Scalability
  • Benefits #5 - Response rates
  • Benefits #6 - Segmentation
  • How to write a drip campaign
  • How you can set up your own drip campaign

Let’s get on with it then:
What is a drip campaign?

First things first, do not be intimidated by drip campaigns if you haven’t used them before. The concept is simple and the execution can be even easier. That is why we are writing this series, to give people the chance to understand what is involved to use new technology to improve your business.

Drip email campaigns are not new. They’ve been around for nearly as long as email marketing has been around and offline drip campaigns have been around in one form or another for even longer. A drip campaign is a name for a series of automated emails that are sent to a potential customer.

The basic principle of a drip campaign is that it will walk a prospect through the sales process. When you first email them you are simply introducing yourself and your services. Next, you gradually expose the prospect to more information and opportunities. Until finally, at the end of the drip campaign, you offer them the opportunity to take a particular action. That action can be anything from arranging a meeting with you to making a purchase.

A drip campaign differs from a traditional email newsletter in that people are receiving different emails at different times based on when they gave you their email address. Simple!

Our next blog post will start discussing some of the benefits of drip email campaigns.

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Adrian Fisher

Adrian Fisher

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