Four Expired Listings Hacks

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An agent's lifeblood is getting new listings because listings=money! Here's Edward Hutchinson's scoop on how to get ahead with expired listings.

1. Setup expired listing notifications

Be sure to set up a notification system in your desired area, so you know when there's a property available!

While the list may be overwhelming, these are great opportunities to capitalize on!

2. Create an Expiration Pack

Edward creates a booklet that shows his experience, his promise to clients and information about him and his brokerage. He also includes a $5 Starbucks gift card so that he can buy his potential client a nice cup of coffee. You can use any small dollar amount giftcard for a popular business in your neighborhood, or even try to work out a deal with a business to sponsor your giftcards, as you're advertising for them.

3. Connect Personally!

  • Write hand written notes, as it shows your potential client you're thinkg about them!
  • Drop off the booklet and the giftcard at their house...think about not being pushy and trying to speak to the expired seller at that moment, remember they're getting inundated with Realtor calls. Being classy might help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Don't forget to follow up!


4. Follow up on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram

A personal message on social media will deliver personalized communication with your potential seller in a non intrusive, opt in way. Don't forget, if they don't work with you now, keep up the convesation and as Jeff Fisher advised, reach out from time to time.

Adrian Fisher

Adrian Fisher

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