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The Ultimate Personal Branding Experiment Continues with Future of Real Estate Episode 2

Future of Real Estate Episode 2:

It's only been one week and Episode One has already been seen by over 23,000 people around the US!


Over 20K views on our first video of the series!? That, my friends, is the power of social media.

BUT, who watched the video? And was our Facebook ad campaign successful?

We decided to break down the results of Episode 1 and what we found was very interesting.

Breakdown of Episode 1:

  • 247 reactions

General Observations:

  • It seems that so far the series is most popular with women 50+ and realtors.**

  • A number of viewers also followed our call-to-action, tagging their realtor friends.

  • People who were tagged or who shared the video watched much longer than those who received the video in their feed as a paid-for sponsored post.

Yes, very interesting...

The effect on Ed's personal brand?

So far, not too much. It looks like mostly only friends and family engaged with the video and congratulated him, plus a little more activity from coworkers and others in his office.

The next question we want to answer:
How can we change this viewer result for episodes to come? How do we get other Facebook users involved and following along?

The Ultimate Personal Branding experiment continues ...

Follow Edward and PropertySimple on a journey to build Ed's personal brand and tune in next week for results from Episode 2 and to watch Episode 3!

Adrian Fisher

Adrian Fisher

Founder of PropertySimple.com a marketing platform for the next generation of real estate agents. Follow me as I explore the future of real estate.

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