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Future of Real Estate Episode 1, The Ultimate Personal Branding Experiment Begins

Episode One...

Everything has it's first day. Even crazy brand experiments...

Edward Hutchinson is a new real estate agent on a mission to make it in the world's most competitive real estate market, Los Angeles.

PropertySimple is a company that builds powerful branding and marketing tools for real estate agents.

We decided what would be a better way to test our new platform then picking one promising real estate and putting him and us to the ultimate test.

For this experiment we picked Edward, this is why:

Ed is exactly what the next generation of social media savvy real estate agents looks like.

  • Unknown (Ed is new to LA).
  • Has a strong personal identity in real life.
  • Understands social media and can produce quality content.
  • Has a goal, Ed's is to sell $30 million before the end of the year.

Here is what we have done so far:

  • We hooked Ed up with a pre-release version of our software.
  • We produced a show about ED using his social media content.
  • We started a hyper targeted ad campaign in LA to show the video series to people close to where he works.

The goals:

Ed's goal is simple, sell $30 million in real estate.

Our goal is to measure how fast we can establish his personal brand in LA and measure the results in $$.

We decided to keep the format of the episodes super simple:

Showcase Ed's unique lifestyle, the properties in his area, his real estate knowledge and the work he puts in to help his clients.

In essience, the thing realtors should be doing online every single day.

For this first episode we also want to measure what demographic responded best to Ed via Facebook advertising.

So, follow Edward and PropertySimple on a journey to build Ed's personal brand and catch up with us on episode 2 to see what people in LA watched Ed the most!

Adrian Fisher

Adrian Fisher

Founder of PropertySimple.com a marketing platform for the next generation of real estate agents. Follow me as I explore the future of real estate.

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