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How Do You Talk About Real Estate on Social Media?

Don't feel like reading? Check out Josh's tip in video form:

Take a quick second and think about someone you follow on social media that you really love to follow. (Go ahead, we’ll wait). Ok - now answer this question: Why do you like following them?

Chances are it’s because they are authentically themselves. Or, in other words, they tell it like it is and you can relate.

When Josh started putting content about real estate onto his social media channels, he realized he needed to be more human or “more raw” to gain the trust of his audience. He gives to tips on his social media strategy:

1. Create value
2. Share information

In order to create value, become a valuable resource of info for your followers. And make sure to do so in an authentic "YOU" way. Josh closed out this week's video with a simple yet profound take-away:

“If they like you they’ll be your friend. But if they trust you they’ll do business with you.”

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