How Does Zillow Work?

Most real estate agents don't understand how Zillow works. It's fairly simple:

  1. A real estate agent uploads their property to their MLS and their broker gives permission to share with MLS services.

  2. Zillow partners with local MLSs to get a feed of all of the properties in the MLS. Previously, they used a company call Listhub to get a nationwide feed.

  3. Zillow uses the properties to create a property portal.

  4. Zillow advertisings it's brand name, getting consumers to search for properties, generating lots of traffic to their portal. The goal is for people to know that they should search for Zillow to find properties. Zillow needs people to know the Zillow brand name, not the real estate agent's name.

  5. When potential home buyers land on Zillow, they see the properties supplied by the MLS.

  6. Zillow calculates the amount of impressions, or page views, that each property gets, and offers to sell these impressions to real estate agents who want to advertise other agent's listings.

  7. Zillow allows agents to buy a percentage of the impressions in specific zip codes, which means that if a user lands on a Zillow page, they will see up to five real estate agents, all of whom are paying for impressions in the zip code.

  8. The potential home buyer gets to choose which agent they like the best, based on photos and closed deals, and then can send a message, creating a lead.

  9. Lead cost on Zillow averages $120 per lead and these leads can even contain false information input by the user trying to avoid real estate agent contact!

Long story short, Zillow takes real estate agents' listings, puts them on their portal, drives traffic to the Zillow brand and then sells this traffic back to agents at a cost of ~$120 per (potentially containing false contact information) lead. When real estate agents advertise on Zillow, they're helping Zillow build their brand, not the agent's own brand.

When potential home buyers search on Zillow, they remember the Zillow brand name, not individual real estate agent who is spending money to advertise there.

PropertySimple is similar to Zillow in form, but with three big differences: We keep the focus on agents to help them look great, promote their personal brand and generate leads more efficiently than Zillow.

  1. Similar to Zillow, real estate agents upload their properties to the MLS and their broker gives permission to share with MLS services.

  2. PropertySimple partners with Listhub to get a nationwide feed.

  3. PropertySimple uses the properties to create agent specific landing pages with one agent on them.

  4. PropertySimple advertises individual agents, never our brand. Our goal is to help you build your personal brand on your own social media profiles through targeted social media push advertising.

  5. When potential home buyers land on PropertySimple, they see individual agents' landing pages created from properties supplied by the MLS. We never advertise more than one agent per landing page.

  6. Agent exclusive landing pages capture verified social media information, email address and data about the potential homebuyer.

If you'd like more information about PropertySimple, please contact one of our specialists and we'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

Adrian Fisher

Adrian Fisher

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