How to convert leads with Social Media

Don't feel like reading? Check out this tip of the day video from Jeff Fisher on converting leads:

If you read just one tip, make it this one:

FOLLOW UP ON EVERY LEAD. Seems like common sense right? Very few real estate agents follow up with a lead more than one time!

So, how many times do you need to follow up with a potential lead?

Until they tell you to stop... or that they are ready for you to help them.

Anything in between is giving up on a lead without knowing if you can be of service.

Top tips once you get a response:

  1. Ask the right questions to try to get some engagement out of a lead. Where are you living now, do you mind if I send you a few properties...etc.

  2. Add them as a friend on social media once you get a few emails back and forth. Make sure you have a active AUTHENTIC TO YOU social media content strategy, for example Jeff posts about Doughnuts, Dogs, Hiking and Houses.

  3. Once you are friends on Facebook or another social media platform, make sure you take an active interest in their life! Like the baby photos, wedding annoucements and travel photos!

  4. Move your online friendship to a real life one and convert your new friend into a client.

Jeff Fisher

Jeff Fisher

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