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Hermione Way Q&A: How Long Does It Take To Get Famous?

Don't feel like reading? Check out Hermoine's Q&A in video form:

We all know there are many ways to get famous. Like posting a video of your cat looking grumpy and waking up the next morning to more than 20 million views.


But in most cases, "getting famous" takes lots (and lots) of time. Former Head of European Communications at Tinder, Hermione Way, knows a thing or two about growing a following in the limelight. She recently weighed in on the topic, "how long does it take to get famous?" in a live Facebook Q&A on Future of Real Estate.

Let's first get something straight - posting a video of your cat or being from the Jersey Shore does not mean your fame will be perceived as an expert on, well, anything (besides spray tanning).


If you create or participate in a piece of content that goes viral, and it showcases your expertise or affiliation with something that people find valuable, then you may actually have moved the needle on your brand's impact.

Most people get known for something by consistently associating their brand with something that other people find valuable. This may look like a YouTuber putting out videos once a week that offer tips on how to put on makeup, or a real estate agent posting daily good deals on the local market and offering insight to people who are in the market to buy or sell a home.

This is branding. And it usually takes time. Think of it as a process of proving to the universe that you are worthy and deserving of operating as a professional in that niche.

People want to work with and consume content from people that have definitively proven that they LOVE to do what they do, because everyone knows that this is usually correlated with a well rounded and knowledgeable provider of a service.

Go out and show people what you do, and prove to the world that you deserve their business. The internet and social media are by far the most efficient ways to do this. FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter are just some of the easy ways that you can start giving people a window into your life, and what you are good at.

Serial entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk, filmed his 1,000th episode for his show Wine Library TV in 2011. It was only recently that he became an internet sensation, with a company of over 700 employees, and aspirations to soon buy the New York Jets. Gary Vee got VERY famous, but it took a while. He didnt get lucky, or have a viral video define the foundation of his career. He just made alot of stuff.

Moral of the story: If you keep doing your thing and consistently share your passion with others, one day you may just become a household name in your profession.

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