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How to improve your personal brand in one week

In today’s competitive business environment, personal branding is the key to getting ahead. Turning yourself into a brand helps you manage how you’re viewed and how much trust you can establish, especially in real estate, where image and standards are so important.

Don't know where to start? This guide will help you get the basics down.

  1. Search yourself online

Find out what your clients will find if they do a little research on you, which you know we all do!

Clear the cache or open an incognito window and type your name into Google. Check the All tab and the Images tab. If you have old info online or unfortunate pictures from college on websites that you control, update or delete them.

Check the first websites you find when you search your name and see if they are real estate related. The first Google results should either be one of your social media accounts or a website where you show properties.

  1. Choose your main online channel

Focus on Facebook: it's the universal social network - with 2 billions monthly users, it's easy to reach a big audience. You can join real estate groups and engage with potential clients or colleagues.

Facebook Ads is one of the most important business tools because it allows you to target people who are in your niche, while still being cost effective.
Pick a smart profile picture to inspire trust, not a photo of you out at the bar with friends.

Make sure your personal and professional information is up to date and doesn't have any errors.

  1. Start building trust

Add or follow influential Realtors, join real estate groups and interact with people.

Ask and answer questions, help other professionals, and, most importantly, post and boost your properties. 91% of real estate agents are active on social media, but only 9% of agents are actively posting their listings online!

Take the challenge and let us know what improvements you've made after reading this post.

Adrian Fisher

Adrian Fisher

Founder of PropertySimple.com a marketing platform for the next generation of real estate agents. Follow me as I explore the future of real estate.

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