How to convert a lead who ‘might be interested in 6 months'

I bet you have a bunch of emails filed away somewhere in your inbox from leads who didn’t say no but who vaguely indicated they may start looking for a new home in the next 6 to 12 months.

What is the best way to respond to those emails and the best way to keep them engaged?

Well, obviously your first response should be a positive one because they have basically presented you with a big open door! You should try to find out more about what they will be looking for and why they are looking. Is it because they don’t like where they are or because they need to move to a bigger house or perhaps a smaller one?

Tell your lead that once you have that information ready you can begin to put together a list for them to view and provide you with some feedback about. Once you start getting into this feedback loop you have essentially begun them on their home-buying journey. Let them know that preparing a list now will make the process much easier when they’re ready to start looking.

As you begin to get more and more positive responses it is easy to start building up excitement and suggest to them that they should begin viewing some of these houses so they can actually start to see them in person. Searching and buying property is an exciting time in most people’s lives so remember to contribute to that.

Before you know it, you have a lead who might have converted in a year to one who is far more likely to buy with you and do it very soon. You’ve brought up their purchase window by perhaps six or nine months!

Of course, not everyone will respond with the feedback and thoughts on the listings you send through but if just 10% of those respondents do you have done a terrific job at converting a warm lead into a hot lead with just a few emails and a couple of hours of sourcing listings.

If you don’t have the type of properties that your lead is looking for, don’t worry. PropertySimple takes care of that for you. We give you access to thousands of properties so that you never have to worry about that again!

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Adrian Fisher

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