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How To Convert A Lead Who ‘Might Be Interested In 6 Months' Into A Sale

As a realtor, chances are you’ve gotten this response in your inbox at least once this month:

“Thanks for reaching out. I’m not interested in buying a new home right now, but might be in the next 6 months-12 months.”


Like your summer clothes, you store the lead away with the others that “didn’t say no,” and set a reminder to bring it back out when the time’s right. Instead of them collecting dust, here are 3 easy ways to respond back and engage these leads today.

1. Stay positive and ask questions.

Your response back should always be positive, because while they haven’t said yes today, they’ve given you a big open door to say yes in the future. Instead, take this time to try and find out what they are looking for and why they are looking. Is it because they don’t like where they are now? Or because they need to move to a bigger house for more space? Or maybe they just became empty nesters and can finally downsize (to that golf course condo with a view).


2. Their wish is your command.

Once your lead gives you an inside look into their future dream home, start helping out! This will not only create a consistent email chain between you and the lead, but once they are ready to start looking, they will look to you as you have already started them on their home buying journey.

3. Stay consistent and let them know when the time is right.

Eventually, the time will come when your lead is (finally) ready to push play on the home buying process. However, as you begin to get more and more positive responses about the properties, suggest to them that they should begin viewing some of the homes in person. To gain trust, always provide relevant information that will make the process easier. For example, help them understand what they can afford and if you can potentially bring their purchase window closer.

By engaging genuinely with your “maybe” leads, chances are they will think of you when it comes to one of the biggest decisions of their lives. And even if only 10% of your “6-12 month” pipeline responds back, you’ve done a great job turning a tepid lead into a warm lead with just a few helpful emails.

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Adrian Fisher

Adrian Fisher

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