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How to start out on social media as a realtor

If you're a realtor and you don't have a social media presence you're missing out on sales. It's as simple as that. There's a huge potential audience which you're not tapping into...but you can be sure that your competitors are!

Before you get started, there's one important question you need to answer:

Do you want to create a business presence or use your own existing personal presence?

We say do BOTH.

In our experience, most agents prefer to create a business page so they can run ads on Facebook and build a name for their business.

It's also a good idea for agents to use their personal presence. Your personal page is made up of people who you already have a relationship with and who trust you as a personal contact, which means they'll be more likely to place their trust in you as their real estate agent.

Quick first steps to get your feet wet

  1. Invite your friends and family to your new business page.
  2. Once you have a few people on the page, ask what kind of things they'd like to see, send them messages on Facebook messenger or ask them in person when you see them.
  3. If you have a listing, create a photo gallery of the property with your phone number and contact info.
  4. Run a paid promotion targeting the area around the listing. Here's a guide to running a paid real estate promotion on Facebook.


Now that you have an idea of what your audience is looking for and a little data from your first promotion, you can start to actively promote yourself and brand on social media and start to reap rewords of this amazing business development tool.

It is vital to remember that social media is very visual. Make sure that any photos you use are clear and eye catching.

Also remember to keep track of what gets the best response and what doesn't get a good response so you know what to post in the future.

The most important thing of all is to respond quickly to anyone who expresses interest in something you post!

If you get started by building a foundation, your social media real estate presence will start to pay dividends.

Adrian Fisher

Adrian Fisher

Founder of PropertySimple.com a marketing platform for the next generation of real estate agents. Follow me as I explore the future of real estate.

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