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How to write a great summary for your listings

I love READING, it RELAXES me and let’s ME forget ABOUT the other less INTERESTING things that happen IN my life. ** It is ALSO an affordable ** WAY to entertain myself instead spending a small FORTUNE to go and see a movie and HALF a dozen ADS for the local PHARMACY!

But I hate reading things written like that and I am pretty sure that most people do. But, for some reason many realtors seem to think it is a good idea to write a lengthy property description in exactly that style. If you do this, stop right now. It is not going to encourage someone to read and will probably discourage them from contacting you. I definitely wouldn’t. I probably wouldn’t read past the first line.

So, what is a good way to write a property summary? You should start with the most important items and then work your way down to the less important things.

Once you have all of the content sorted out, you should look at the format. You want it to be easy for people to read quickly, most people will only scan for key points, so bullet points work well to highlight your most important items.

Keep sentences short and don’t go crazy with the adjectives. We know that the backyard is great but you don’t need to tell us that it is beautiful, gorgeous, dazzling, stunning and wonderful. Pick a few, not them all! Presumably you have great pictures of the backyard, so let them do the talking for you.

Breaking up your text also helps readers. Don’t write long passages of text without any paragraph breaks. When a reader first sees a long block of text, it is off-putting because it seems like there is more text than there actually is, which is annoying to read.

This is not a full list of dos and don'ts, but it is a few things that really grinds my gears when reading something, regardless of if it is a description of a home or a review for a restaurant. Just keep it simple and short!

Adrian Fisher

Adrian Fisher

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