Introducing the PropertySimple CRM

Here at PropertySimple we are focussed on taking the dirty work out of lead generation and follow up. So we’re constantly trying to improve our product to give our customers more time to do the important stuff like showing properties and closing deals.

That is why today, we announce the launch of our PropertySimple CRM to help you sell more and do it without having to do all of the frustrating ground work.

Here are some of the features included in the CRM:

View all of your PropertySimple leads

We will automatically display all of your leads you have generated through PropertySimple in the CRM for you to start selling to.

Watch: how to sign in to the PropertySimple CRM

Run automated drip campaigns

It can be time consuming and frustrating to have to individually email all of your leads on a regular basis. We understand that so we’ve been working hard to build a system that lets you decide what you want to say and to whom. Then let our system do the rest.

Our automated drip campaigns give you the flexibility to write your own personalized email strategies to leads which we then send for you.

Watch: how to set up a drip campaign

Log in to your CRM now to set up your email strategies.

Task reminders

Even though we do all of the automated emails for you there are still some things we can’t automate for you like calling your leads or adding them as friends on Facebook.

Using the CRM you can create tasks for yourself so that you never forget to make that call or send an email to a lead who has finished on a drip or who you want send a special email such as a happy birthday email etc.

Log in to your CRM now to set up your tasks.

Email your leads

The PropertySimple CRM syncs up with your own email allowing you to access emails from leads you generated through PropertySimple. Keeping everything together in one place lets you keep things organized and helps you to close more sales!

Log in to the PropertySimple CRM now to sync your email account.

The best feature of all is that this comes free with your PropertySimple account! Don’t have a PropertySimple account? No worries, just give us a call on 949-209-8912 or schedule a call and we can help get you started.

Adrian Fisher

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