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Meeting People - The Foundation of Real Estate

Don't feel like reading? Check out Jeff's tip in video form:

Today's Tip from Jeff: Get out there and answer your (damn) phone.

That’s right. This week, Scottsdale Real Estate tycoon, Jeff Fisher, tells it like it is. (Warning: Viewer discretion is advised).


Jeff shares that as a realtor, you’re going to meet people and that THAT is the foundation of real estate. Plain and simple:


His top 3 ways to meet new people/new clients as a realtor are:

1.The phone
Ring, ring. Who’s calling? Your future. You really never know who is going to be on the other line. Even if it is a marketer, that marketer could one day be in the neighborhood and see your name on a sign.
2. Social Media
Jeff makes the extra and necessary effort to friend anyone on his social media channels who has looked at his properties in the past. So don’t be afraid to pop the question: “Will you be my [Facebook] friend?"
3. Open Houses
When Jeff isn’t hitting the yoga mat with his dog, Teddy, he’s hosting open houses. “You never know if someone is going to come in unrepresented,” Jeff shares. And whether or not they are ready to sign a lease, that random neighbor and their kids could be your next client!

So whether it's in person, on the phone or online remember to get one-on-one with who ever you're talking to and...


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