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Open Houses: The "Dos & Don'ts"

Don't feel like reading? Check out Jeff's tip in video form:

Last week, Remax Fine Properties realtor, Jeff Fisher, shared that one of the most inexpensive and effective ways to market yourself as a realtor is to host an open house.

This week, Jeff highlights 3 things to expect and be careful about when it comes to open houses, i.e. what to expect and be careful of when opening the door of someone else’s home to the public.

  1. Have a buddy system.
    If you're not used to open houses or you don’t feel you're ready for a potential sale, Jeff says to “have a buddy system.” If possible, recruit a veteran realtor who can help you get your bearings during your first open house.

  2. Hide the crown jewels!
    If you have an occupied open house, be aware of the homeowner’s belongings and valuables- including firearms and prescription drugs. Be sure to get them out of the way and of course, always heir on the side of caution.

  3. "Remember: with great power comes great responsibility..."


Thanks, Uncle Ben. As the fiduciary (or trustee) of the home, the homeseller is trusting you with her/his property. Hosting a showing, Jeff points out, comes with big responsibility. Avoid disclosing any sensitive information about the homeowner(s) to potential buyers. For example, do not share that the family only uses the home during the summer time as this could lead to potential break-in when the family is out of town.

Now that you know what to expect and be careful about, it's your turn - what are some dos and don'ts you'd share with realtors new to open houses? Let us know in our Facebook Group, Future of Real Estate!