Our favourite mobile homes in Arizona

Mobile home sometimes get a bit of a bad wrap but you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover (or maybe its genre would be more appropriate for this metaphor) so we decided to check out some mobile homes in Arizona and see if the reputation is deserved!

1) This desert home in Maricopa costs less than $50,000! It needs a little bit of love but if you’re looking for the quiet life then you should be happy here!

2) Next up is another desert gem, this time we have a 2 bedroom home on 1.5 acres in Florence for under $70,000...

3) Still in the desert! Specifically at Apache Junction. This 'cute home' needs some work but is set on over 1 acre and costs just $75,000 so the potential is huge!

So if you're on a budget and are looking for a secluded place to call home or to have as a weekender then a mobile home in the desert could be for you. Sure, they may ned a little bit of work but that just makes it even more special once you have it looking just how you like it!

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Richard Hatcher

I am the CMO here at PropertySimple, I'll be writing mostly about marketing and technology as well as keeping you up to date with all of the exciting new product developments at PropertySimple!

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