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Personal Branding for Realtors- The Importance of Being Yourself

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When it comes to being a realtor, personal branding is extremely important. The truth is, it can make or break your career. After all, it's not just houses that you're selling- you're also selling you- your personality, your skill set, and your negotiating power.

As a realtor, you are the service you are selling. You want your clients to trust that you will their best representative, fully recognize then represent their needs.

To accomplish this in today's extremely competitive real estate industry, it's important to be yourself and in the process, find and capitalize on your niche.

Ed has successfully narrowed down his niche and uses it to build contacts and boost his brand.

One aspect of Ed's niche? He wears a suit every single day to work. While most real estate agents in the LA area dress casually, Ed is one of the only agents that consistently wears a suit. It's become a recognizable symbol of his personal brand.


BUT, while it is important to focus on certain aspects of your personality to build your brand, it's not necessary to pigeonhole yourself.

Ed may wear a suit everyday, helping him appeal to professional, business-minded customers, but he also has a laid-back side. Every morning Ed goes surfing and shares these surf sessions on social media, allowing him to identify with a whole other crowd in the LA area.

Find your true passions and then use them. Share them. Record them. Speak about them. Focus on your interests, values and hobbies and you'll naturally grow your contact circle and build your sphere of influence.


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Lauren Bonheim

Lauren Bonheim

Lead marketer at PropertySimple and Marketing Manager of Future of Real Estate. Delving into the digital marketing world with a focus on social media and personal branding.

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