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Segmentation for Real Estate Drip Campaigns

This is part seven of our blog series on drip campaigns, if you haven’t read the earlier posts you can catch up here. In this post we’re going to talk about another of the benefits of drip campaigns; segmentation.

Segmentation is one of those terms that can seem intimidating - just like the whole concept of drip campaigns if you’re new to it - but it doesn’t have to be if you know your market and you have the right tools. It can take a little more effort but you will realise it is worth it when you start to see your improved response rates.

Segmentation is about having the right conversation with the right people. If someone called you up out of the blue and said they need to move from their condo to a family home because they’re expecting a new baby, you wouldn’t start talking to them about other condos, you want to be telling them about the family home options you have for them. Likewise, if someone has a million dollar budget you probably wouldn’t tell them about properties that cost $200,000! Segmentation is having conversation with the right person.

With drip campaigns you can set up what are called ‘tracks’. each track is for a different segment and contains different content. So you can have a track for different price ranges, different property types, different areas etc.

The better you segment your content the better your response rates will be because it will be timely and for your lead. Nobody likes to get an email from a robot, so try to segement your leads into different types of leads so that you can match their intent with your message.

Adrian Fisher

Adrian Fisher

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