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The Ultimate Realtor Personal Branding Experiment- Future of Real Estate Episode 4

On this week's episode, Ed takes us to London:

The ultimate personal branding experiment continues and the views on social media just keep on comin’! So far, the Future of Real Estate series featuring surfer/realtor, Ed Hutchinson, has reached over 170K views - a 300% increase compared to episode 1!

Here’s why we think episodes 2 and 3 have done so well:

The concept of broadcasting a new realtor’s experience out in the property-trenches on social media is super unique to the real estate world. That said, viewers could still be surprised by the novelty of the series. (We know this because viewers are tagging their realtor friends).

Also, we don’t mean to toot your horn, Ed, but viewers are leaving comments on “your attractiveness,” which could also be why we are seeing a boost in our analytics...


Overall, episode 3 brought in the most engagement compared to any other video. This could illustrate how personal branding goes hand-in-hand with business branding. From surfing in the morning to incredible properties and expertise on the industry in the afternoon, Ed brought us into his day-day and it worked!

One difference between episode 2 and 3 was a change in audience. In episode 3, more men tuned in versus episode 2 where more women viewed the video. There’s no way to gauge this analytically, but we have a hunch that it’s because episode 2 started with Ed’s cute fluffy dog and, well, we'll let you draw your own conclusion.


In this week’s episode 4, Ed heads to London to visit his family and show us where he grew up. Ed even throws in interesting tidbits about the history and design of the architecture in his neighborhood.

While we got to learn even more about Ed in this episode, we noticed the reach of this video decreased by 25%. Perhaps this is because we targeted a US audience in this episode while the episode took place in the UK. It could also be that this post was heavy on Ed's personal life while episode 2 equally showcased Ed's personal and realtor life.

Moral of the story here: Find the balance.


Tune in next week for a look at Episode 5!

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