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A Real Estate Agent's Sphere of Influence is Their Most Important Asset

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For most agents, 99% of their business comes from their sphere of influence. Most agents get started getting deals from people they know and then hoping they can get referrals and I think it's the best place to start to build your business. It's your family, your friends, ex coworkers and people you come into contact with on a day to day basis.

When you close a deal, which can be a stressful experience, and you've helped them buy their dream house, if you've done your job, they should have had a good experience with you. If they did, that person should refer you in the future. That's how you build the foundation of a real estate business.

Don't be discouraged if you only have a few referrals in your first year: they build on each other and create a nice base for your business with each individual close.

I recommend posting real estate related information daily to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram so that you can stay top of mind in your circle. Don't be salesy, just show beautiful photos of properties, people you've worked with before to remind people you're there to help them when they need it.

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Jeff Fisher

Jeff Fisher

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