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Weekly Social Media Content Calendar for Realtors

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As promised in last week's video, this Tuesday we're sharing a Social Media Content Calendar made especially for all you realtors!

There's nothing worse than trying to plan social media content on the fly. As a realtor, your day-to-day schedule can get extremely hectic. Trying to fit in managing all your social media channels with all that craziness can get really stressful. This is sure to reflect in the quality of your posts.

BUT with a little time and effort invested ahead of time each week, a content calendar will help you master your social media channels by planning and becoming more organized, all while boosting your personal brand. We've put together a special calendar in an excel document for easy filling and editing, so you can modify it to fit your individual needs.

Check out the social media content calendar here.

To download the calendar as an excel file follow these instructions:


We know this may seem a little overwhelming at first, but with some explanation and a little practice, this calendar will make your life easier.

For today let's keep it simple. This excel calendar contains different tabs for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, 4 of the best social media networks for reaching out to and engaging with your audience.


The calendar has been optimized for each channel based on how many times a day you should be posting, as well as the best times each day to post. This would be around 3x a day on Facebook, 8-12x a day on Twitter, 1-2x a day on Instagram and 3-5x a week on LinkedIn.

We've filled in an example day on each platform with sample types of content you can use to post. For example, on the Facebook platform, we've filled in two types of content- Personal and Business.

Unfortunately, not mixing business and pleasure is a thing of the past. Remember, when building a personal brand, it's not all about your business- it's mostly about YOU. It's important to find a balance.

Of course you want to get the word out about your business and promote yourself professionally, but you'll also want to relate to your clients on a personal level. So, for today let's focus on personal content.


Today's Action Item:
Sit down and think about what kind of personal content you feel comfortable sharing on social media. What type of content will you post? Will you share about your family, your hobbies, your home? Your pets, or your cooking?

What parts of your personal or daily-life reinforce the personal brand you'd like to promote? Choose a few things that you think fit and then regularly work them into your social media strategy.

Next week we'll be diving deeper into Facebook!

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Lauren Bonheim

Lauren Bonheim

Lead marketer at PropertySimple and Marketing Manager of Future of Real Estate. Delving into the digital marketing world with a focus on social media and personal branding.

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