What is Artificial Intelligence & how can real estate agents use it?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the tech buzz words for 2017. As is often the case with new technology, there's confusion about what it is, what it does and how useful it. And if we're already confused at a high level, when we drill down how it might be useful for real estate, it can become even more confusing. So let’s try and clear things up a little for you.

Artificial Intellegece (AI) is a very broad industry and can help many people in many different ways. Let’s focus on just a few ways that it can help you with your real estate clients and leads:

Selecting homes for you to market & promote

The old way was to choose properties from the MLS that you thought might be interesting to promote to your clients. Now, tools like PropertySimple use AI to look at what you’ve sold in the past (and what you currently have listed in the MLS) and suggest similar properties based on price, square footage, pools, number of bathrooms, location and even how nice the MLS photos are.

Once you'v chosen properties you'd like to promote, AI based systems can promote your listings on social media using data to target likely buyers and sellers directly. AI uses data from previous transactions to findwho is most likely to respond positively to an ad.

Following up with leads

Most people are used to following up on every lead they get. But that can be time consuming and may not scale as fast as you'd like. AI based systems can analyize leads and follow up with different campaigns based on data about them. An AI can work 24/7/365, allowing you to focus on what you do best: going out and talking to clients and closing deals.

Suggesting properties to your leads

We already talked about AIs being able to choose properties for you, but what about for your clients? One of the biggest jobs of an agent is to proactively select properties and recommend them to clients. An AI can help you do this so stay ahead of the competition and in your clients' good graces.

To learn more about how AI can help you in real estate, check out our Facebook Group Future of Real Estate.

Adrian Fisher

Adrian Fisher

Founder of PropertySimple.com a marketing platform for the next generation of real estate agents. Follow me as I explore the future of real estate.

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