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Why Is It Important to be Active on Social Media as a Realtor?

Not in the mood to read right now? Check out Josh's tip in video form:

In last week’s video, Josh answered the question “how do you talk about real estate on social media?” Creating value and sharing information are 2 key tenets to Josh’s social media strategy and what keeps him engaged and authentic to his audience. This week, Josh addresses why it’s so important to be active on social media as a realtor.

Not sure if you heard- but social media is here to stay. Instead of fighting it off, Josh proposes a different approach - have fun with it! Why? Because it’s a part of everyone’s reality (whether you like it or not).


As a realtor, Josh says “you better be attached to it” because he’s certain the real estate market is going toward tech. In fact, he believes that if realtors are not involved with it, their business will start to decline.

Josh...we couldn’t agree more.

And for the big players that have been in the real estate game for a long time? Same applies to them too. If realtors of all generations want to stay relevant in the industry they need to establish a presence on social media- not tomorrow...today.

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