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Why is personal branding important for Realtors?

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Brand awareness is a concept that is spoken about often, but many people are still in the dark about WHY.

Your personal brand is basically the lasting image or impression in the minds of others about you and what you are all about.

This concept is especially important for Realtors, because the majority of the time that someone decides that they need a Realtor, it is a private conversation inside that person's head. You are probably not going to be near them to remind them of your skill, expertise and profession at that critical moment.

You must be the "go-to-guy/gal" at the top of their mind if you want to be the one that they reach out to once they decide to start looking at houses.

How do you become that person? It's simple, but it requires work.

Consistently offering value to your sphere of influence that is relevant to your profession is a great way to tastefully remind people what you do for a living - and it also gives them a reason to believe that you're worthy of their business.

The Internet has completely transformed the ease and efficiency of delivering this value to your circle, and also constantly introduces innovative ways to do the same thing with people that you have never even met!

Effectively delivering useful information to those that need it makes them extremely likely to want to hear more of what you have to say, and eventually want to do business with you.

Social media is simply the MOST efficient way to do this in 2017.

Realtors can expose their brand to thousands of people inside and outside of their sphere with a few clicks and a few dollars spent on Facebook advertisements, which also have the ability to be hyper-targeted to the most likely people to need real estate help.

Why knock on every door in a neighborhood when you KNOW that the vast majority don't need your services and don't want to hear what you have to say?

Social media provides a reliable platform to offer your knowledge and services to the people who want to listen, and can easily transform your friends and family into brand ambassadors who will promote your name to their own unique networks.

Hermione Way, the former Head of Brand for the massively successful App, Tinder, further explains why Realtors should definitely be building their personal brand on social media.

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